Happy New Year & Pongal 2021



We wish you all a very Happy New Year, a very Happy Pongal and Sankranti.

Amar Seva Sangam like any other organization had struggled hard to fight the fall out of the COVID 19 pandemic and managed to tide over the issues with the support and blessings of well wishers like you. Step by step we have restarted all our activities and have now reached near normal situation. Our in-campus activities are back to normal and our community outreach is also being carried out in full by following all the precautions needed to be observed during this critical time.

The last ten months of Covid period has strained us financially quite heavily and we need your continued support and blessings. All your contribution will be eligible for income tax benefits under section 80g of the act. Please help us like hitherto.


As and when the pandemic situation normalizes, we request you to kindly visit us with your friends and relatives to see the various activities carried out in our Campus and to bless the children.

New Year & Pongal schemes

Donation Schemes


 1.Sponsorship of one child's education for one year


 2.One day lunch special feeding for home children


 3.One day lunch special feeding for mentally challenged children


 4.One day lunch special feeding for all children and disabled youth


 5.One day full feeding for all children and disabled youth


 6.Campus lunch feeding for all disabled children, disabled youth and all staff


 7.Sponsorship of a child in home care for a month


 8.Sponsorship of medicines for a mentally challenged child for a month


 9.Sponsorship of spinal injured undergoing post-acute care for one month


 10.Support one child's Early Intervention cost for one year


 11.One day feeding for all cows and calves


 12.Donation for Covid Relief

Any Amount 

 13.General Donation

Any Amount 

Indian Donors

Foreign Donors

As per the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) 2010 followings are considered as foreign source of donation:

i. A citizen of foreign country
ii. A society, club or other association formed or registered outside India.
iii. A foreign trust or foundation
iv. A trade union in any foreign country
v. Government of any foreign country and any agency thereof
vi. Any international agency excluding the agencies specified by the Central Government
vii. A foreign company / A corporation incorporated in a foreign country
viii. Multi- national corporation defined in FCRA, 2010​
ix. A Company registered in India and more than half of share capital is held by:
- Government of a foreign country
- Citizens of a foreign country
- Corporations incorporated in a foreign country
- Trusts, societies or other associations formed or registered in a foreign country
- Foreign company.

Those who are fall in any of the above category please contribute through Foreign donors button