CSR COVID-19 project for REVIVE and REBUILD

Health and Therapeutic services for Girl children with disabilities


Amar Seva Sangam is a premier disability organization working with children and adults with disabilities towards mainstreaming. Based in Ayikudy, Tenkasi ASSA’s services reaches to about 8,000 children and adults with disabilities every year through various programs.

Village based rehabilitation is an outreach program to deliver rehabilitation services at the doorstep of children and adults with disabilities. This program serves about 800 children with disabilities. Due to COVID lock down all regular therapeutic services have been stopped.

Problem statement

Amar Seva Sangam reaches about 210 girls with disabilities in the community through Village Based Rehabilitation Program.

This program delivers therapeutic services to the doorsteps of children with disabilities. Trained community workers along with rehab professionals are involved in this work and reach children’s home. Along with that, few community centres are functioning with the support of parents.

Rehab services are basically divided into two categories based on the age group being served to facilitate age appropriate services.

A. Early Intervention.

B. Above 6

Due to COVID, all the home programs are stopped and children are receiving therapeutic guidance through tele-rehab. But being 5 months lock down, some amount of home visits and centre services are required to augment the tele-rehab. Since the COVID is an unexpected situation, additional funds are required to purchase protective materials for the service providers ie staff who delivers the services to families by home visits. Below is the approximate amount required for 3 months.



To protect and promote health and rehabilitation of girl children and young women with disabilities in rural community Under 19 Pandemic conditions.



- Tele-rehabilitation to reach girls with disabilities with rehabilitation and therapeutic service without face to face visit.

- Parents knowledge on nutritious food and feeding methods.

- Parents counseling and support to work with their children with disabilities.




- Conduct training for parents about nutritious food and appropriate feeding methods.

- Organize virtual medical camps for the long term illness.

- Distribute essential medications from cooperative stores.

- Facilitate health insurance schemes specific for children with disabilities.

- Tele rehab for therapeutic services.

- Home visits based on exception to augment the virtual therapies.

Project details


Duration: One year (Sep 2020 to Aug 2021).

Beneficiary types: 1. Direct: 210 Girls with disabilities.
2. Indirect: 210 families of children with disabilities.

Total Cost: Rs.1,701,970
Cost per beneficiary:per year: Rs.8,105; per month: Rs.675

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