history and evolution

Year Event
1981 Amar Seva Sangam (ASSA) established by Mr. Ramakrishnan, in the international year of the Disabled to cater to disability management focusing on rural areas.
Siva Saraswathi Vidyalaya started as a primary school with just 5 students in thatched shed.
1985 Polio Detection camps conducted in villages
Nursery School and Hindi coaching classes commence
Famous Tamil Writer Smt. Sivasankari, brought the life story of Shri S. Ramakrishnan to the external world through Ananda Vikadan, a popular Tamil weekly
1985-1990 ASSA starts getting wider public attention and donations from many individuals commence.
1991 Integrated school started where Disabled children study with the normal children.
Home for Disabled Children started.
1992 Mr. Sankara Raman C.A, confined to a wheelchair due to muscular dystrophy, hears about ASSA and joins Mr. Ramakrishnan.
Dormitory shelter for Disabled children constructed
More than 60 Polio Detection camps conducted.
1993 Rehabilitation Centre started
Vocational Training camp conducted
1994 Caliper making centre started
Quarters for disabled volunteers constructed
1995 New Administrative office constructed
Computer Training centre started
Typewriting Training centre started
Spirulina making started.
Village based Rehabilitation programme launched
1996 Notebook making centre and Book binding centre started
Prevention, Early Identification and Early Intervention programme launched
1997 Valley for the Disabled and village Self help initiative through establishment of Village councils initiated.
Spastic Centre started with 13 children.
1998 Hostel for Disabled youth trainees inaugurated.
1999 AutoCad centre inagurated
Spirulina expansion programme
2000 Modern quarters for volunteers constructed
Desktop publishing training Centre started
2001 Village Based Rehabiliation (VBR) initiatives gets support from Sir Ratan Tata Trust and started in four select pockets.
2002 Dr. S. Sumathi, wheel chair user due to muscular dystrophy joins hands to take active part to build educational and vocational training activities
2007 Advance IT Centre started and Post-acute care Centre for Spinal injured started
2008 Sangamam School for children with special needs started
2009 Hostel for Physically challenged girls started
2010 Barrier free Dining hall and Kitchen completed
Integrated School Upgraded to 10th Standard
2012 Barrier free Training centre for Physically challenged completed
Amar Institute of Rehabilitation started
Additional class rooms constructed
Advanced Library centre constructed
Early Intervention program for childhood disabilities started
2013 Early Intervention Centre started
Garments making unit started
2015 Life care support centre inagurated
Grand Challenges Canada project rolled out.