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This project aims to give therapeutic services for children with disabilities towards their functional development. Services will be delivered mainly through telerehab and minimum contact visits by trained workers in the community.
Parents and other family members will be trained to work with children with disabilities. They will be guided by rehab professionals. This program covers 784 Children with disabilities from 7 to 18 years and Implemented in 300 villages in Tenkasi Dist, Tamilnadu.

Problem statement

COVID pandemic has affected individuals, families and communities in varying degree. Children with disabilities are facing huge challenges and silently affected.
The effects of COVID pandemic on children with disabilities are seriously overlooked.
Some of the challenges faced by them are:

- Lack of therapeutic services leads to behavioral issues, poor progress in the functional skills and high stress on caregivers.
- Struggle in meeting the expenses on long term medication for them by families.
- Children with disabilities have difficulty in coping up with the varied situation.

The need of children with disabilities is significantly more intense and wider in general and lack of this support will have serious long term effect in their developmental progress as well as on the families.



The goal of the program is enhance sustainability(resilience) of the families of children with disabilities in the COVID pandemic situation and facilitate new normal life.



- Facilitate therapeutic services for children with disabilities through community workers with minimum contact and maximum parents training.

- Facilitate medical follow up and long term medication support.

- Mental health counseling support through video calls.

- Facilitate suitable livelihood opportunities for the families that need support.

- Support dry rations for those families who have severely affected by COVID pandemic.




- Engage with parents and children through online and give necessary therapeutic guidance.

- Supplementary home visits by community workers to ensure the effective implementation by the families.

- Organize medical camps for children with disabilities, possibly virtual.

- Organize medicine support through subsides and government sources, philanthropies and facilitating suitable health insurance.

- Organize required assistive devices and repair existing devices by suitable measurement and delivery mechanism.

- Dry rations and COVID kit supply to families that are severely affected by COVID pandemic.

Project details


Project Location: 300 villages in Tenkasi District, Tamilnadu, India..

Duration: 8 Months.

Beneficiary types: 
784 children with disabilities.
Indirect beneficiaries: Families of children with disabilities and the villages we cover

Total Cost: Rs.64,10,600; Cost per beneficiary: INR 8,177 for 8 months

Salient features of the project


- Real time monitoring of activity and progress by sales force software.

- Family empowerment.

- Minimum contacts of persons as suitable for this COVID pandemic

- Telerehab methods.

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