Sivasaraswathy Vidhyalaya Higher Secondary School

May 15 2015 10:26 AM.

Sivasaraswathy Vidhyalaya was started as a primary school in Aiykudy village in June 1981 with just 5 students upgraded to High School in 2009 with a current strength of 749 students providing integrated education to physically challenged children with normal children.

We are glad to inform you that Amar Seva Sangam is upgrading Siva Saraswathi Vidhyalaya in the Campus from High School to Higher Secondary School with a plan to commence classes on 15th June 2015. The first batch of 45 students is to join the classes in 3 sections scalable to 90 students from next academic year onwards

  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • Mathematics , Physics, Chemistry, Computer science
  • Economics, commerce Accountancy, Computer Science

The Primary objectives of upgrading to Higher Secondary School are:

  • To prevent Students discontinuing after X standard and moving as a child labour with exploitative lower wages
  • Enable continuity in education to these rural students with weak economic background to prepare them for higher education for sustainable livelihood
  • Continue to provide free education and shelter to physically challenged students

Activities and Tasks

  • Plus 2 School would operate from the existing class rooms till a new building is constructed in 2 years’ time. This is through realignment of classes in High School.
  • Three Sections are to be started:
    • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
    • Mathematics , Physics, Chemistry, Computer science
    • Economics, commerce Accountancy, Computer Science
  • Student Strength:
    • Admit 45 students with 15 students in each section for academic year 2015-16
    • Admit 90 students with 30 students in each section for academic year 2016-17 onwards
  • Permission received from Government of Tamil Nadu, State Education Department. Recognition from Education Department expected by August 2015
  • Classes will commence from 15th June 2015
  • Proposed Fee Structure:
    • Laboratory fee Rs.500 per student per annum
    • Tuition fee Rs.400 per student per month
    • Total fee per student per annum Rs.5300
    • Proposed Increase every year 15%
  • 10 post graduate teaches are to be recruited for the subjects Tamil, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Economics, Commerce , Computer Science and 1 Physical education director to be appointed.

Evaluation and impact

  • Impact on the Rural society is increased disposable income due to low education cost with high standards
  • Enable Students completing courses successfully to move up to support themselves independently
  • Empowerment of physical challenged children with higher education to equip them for independent livelihood
  • Decrease in Child labour

We appeal to all well wishers to support this initiative considering the social impact in preventing child labour and preparing better citizens for future. In this regard, we have come out with following sponsorship schemes and would appreciate your kind gesture of support for this noble cause

Sponsorship Schemes:

  • Sponsor Class Room Desk & Bench per student Rs.4500
  • Sponsor One month of Higher Secondary education cost for one student Rs.5000
  • Sponsor Building for Science Laboratory per student Rs.25000
  • Sponsor Class Rooms per student Rs.35000