Bharathiyar Drama

July 19 2018 06:11 AM.

Bharathi Yaar? Drama

With the continued patronage, support and blessings of well-wishers like you, Amar Seva Sangam is progressing well. We are grateful to you for supporting us quite regularly, because of which we are able to implement various noble and bold initiatives for the benefit of the local poor and differently able persons.
One such program is the extension of our Siva Saraswati Vidyalaya Higher Secondary School building. This initiative is a must to provide adequate classrooms, labs and other amenities (disabled friendly), so that our school children are imparted with good quality education in comfortable ambience. We are undertaking the extension work in phases and we have so far successfully completed phase one and two. Phases three and four of the construction work, with which the total building will be complete, are yet to be done. We need funds to carry out the remaining work so that the desired objective of rendering education to these poor and physically challenged children could be achieved.
In this context, we have arranged a social Tamil drama called “Bharathi Yaar?” by the famous S.B.Creations, to not only raise funds, but also to create more awareness about our social fabric and culture through the teachings of our great poet Bharathiar. This will be held in the auditorium of the Kalaivanar Kalai Arangam, Courtallam. on Saturday, the 17th November 2018 at 5.30 p.m.
The success of this show will be only with your generous help. We now call upon you to kindly contribute your mite by way of sponsoring the event and advertisements as given below:
Category Amount What is offered
Main Event Sponsor Rs.5,00,000
  1. Recognition in main place
  2. Recognition invitations and in all publicity materials
  3. 15 VIP passes
Event co -Sponsor Rs.1,00,000
  1. Recognition along with main sponsor in the main place
  2. 8 VIP passes
Event Joint Sponsor Rs. 50,000
  1. Acknowledgement in side place
  2. 5 VIP passes
Banner/Stall Rs. 25,000
  1. Stall size 5’ x 5’
  2. 3 VIP passes
Small banners Rs. 10,000
  1. Banners will be placed in prominent places
  2. 2 VIP passes
You will get 100% income tax benefit. We look forward to your generous support to a deserving public cause. You will be part of a huge human resource of the country, who are otherwise deprived due to disability.