Chennai Marathon 2018

July 18 2018 18:26 PM.



Higher secondary education for Special need children.
Amar Seva Sangam is a premier institution in the field of rehabilitation and development of differently able persons. Education to special needs children is our core objective.
A child with special needs always has difficulties in attending to classroom education. Most schools in India are not accessible for children with special needs and they face isolation and exclusion from the regular students. This leads to severe functional and psychological impact on the child and affects the personality and prospects when the child grows up. The barrier starts from the elementary to the higher levels of education in India.

Siva Saraswathi Vidyalaya, an integrated school, was started as a primary school in Ayikudy village in Tirunelveli District of Tamilnadu in June 1981 with 5 students in a thatched shed as the first effort of Sangam to give quality education at affordable cost to the physically challenged as well as other rural students. The school grew to 5 teachers and 110 students by 1990 to further progress in our integration efforts of disabled children with others to achieve equal rights for all. In 1995, we started Middle school which was upgraded to High school in 2009 and Higher Secondary in 2015. Here, in Amar Seva Sangam, we provide a complete inclusive solution for education of children with special needs.
Our inclusive and integrated school is established to include mainstream children with special needs children. We are highly successful in the process of inclusive education and most children who have gone out after finishing their schooling have been highly successful in their lives. This encourages us to cater to more and more such children in our region. Hence, frequent requirements for funding have become necessary.
One such program is the extension of our Siva Saraswati Vidyalaya Higher Secondary School building. This initiative is a must to provide adequate classrooms, labs and other amenities (disabled friendly), so that our school children are imparted with good quality education in comfortable ambience. We are undertaking the extension work in phases and we have so far successfully completed phase one and two. Phases three and four of the construction work, with which the total building will be complete, are yet to be done. We need funds to carry out the remaining work so that the desired objective of rendering education to these poor and physically challenged children could be achieved.
So far 2150 students have completed their education from our Integrated School, out of which 185 students are differently able pursuing further education and livelihood as below:

1. 40 students are pursuing higher education,
2. 60 employed in corporate sector,
3. 25 having private livelihood initiatives,
4. 20 employed in organized sector and
5. 40 having household, trade and business.

Amar Seva Sangam is participating in Wipro Chennai marathon 2018 to raise funds for the Higher education for the Special need children that commenced during academic year 2016-17.  Shri.S.SankaraRaman, Hon. Secretary of Amar Seva Sangam is participating in the "Skechers Performance Chennai Marathon" event along with many physically challenged people and volunteers on 6th Jan 2019 to raise funds for noble cause.

Our schemes for sponsorship are:
1. Sponsor education of 1 Child for 3 months - Rs.3000
2. Sponsor education of 1 Child for 6 months - Rs.6000
3. Sponsor education of 1 Child for 12 months - Rs.12000
4. Sponsor education of 3 Children for 6 months - Rs.18000
5. Sponsor education of 2 Children for 12 months - Rs.25000
6. Sponsor education of 3 Children for 12 months - Rs. 35000

We appeal to our well-wishers to come forward in a big way and contribute liberally and get the satisfaction of educating rural and differently able children. You will be entitled to Income Tax 80G benefits under Income Tax Act for your contribution. You can sponsor from any of the above Donation options to fund Education.