High School building extension Project

August 06 2018 13:31 PM.

Sivasaraswathi Vidhyalaya – an integrated school of Rural, physically challenged and Special children

Sivasaraswathy Vidhyalaya was started as a primary school in Ayikudy village in June 1981 with just 5 students in a thatched shed as the first effort of Sangam to give quality education at affordable cost to the physically challenged as well as other rural students. 
The school grew to 5 teachers and 110 students by 1990 to further progress in our integration efforts of disabled children with others to achieve equal rights for all.  It functions from Juniper Block, constructed with generous donations from Mr. V Chandrasekaran
In 1995, we started Middle school and a proper building was constructed with generous donation from well-wishers and named as Sri Abhinava Vidyathirtha Block
The ground floor was built in 2002 with the munificent donation of Indian Overseas Bank. The first floor was built in 2004 with the generous donation of Mr. Gerald Fischer of Germany, in memory of his wife Anne Fischer.
Middle school was upgraded to High school in 2009 and a suitable building was constructed in 2009 with generous donation from S J Jindal Trust and M. /s Sreevatsa Tube Corporation and other well-wishers. The building is named as Bharat Ratna Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Block
This small seed sown has steadily grown over the years into a middle school by 1992 and got elevated to the status of High school in 2009
Our Nursery school continues to be in the same old premises with more than 220 students attending Pre-Kindergarten, LKG and UKG classes in very good building.

1. Enable continuity in education after X std  and continue to provide free education to physically challenged and special children

2. Maintain moderate tuition fees at affordable level for the rural parents
3. Ensure improved education infrastructure and teaching standards
4. Create a sustainable program for subsidized higher education
5. Prevent Child Labour and exploitation with lower wages

Activities and Tasks

1. Plus 2 School would operate from the existing class rooms till a new building is constructed in 2 years’ time. This is through realignment of classes in High School.
2. Three Sections are started:
      i) ​Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
      ii) Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science
      iii) Economics, commerce Accountancy, Computer Science
Evaluation and impact

1) Impact on the Rural society is increased disposable income due to low education cost with  high standards
2) Enable Students completing courses successfully  to move up to support themselves independently
3) Empowerment of physical challenged children with higher education to equip them for independent livelihood
4) Decrease in Child labour

 Fund Request

Funds for Buildings for 7 Class Rooms and 3 Science Labs with Ramps, Toilets, Pathways staircase and lift measuring 17700.07 Sq ft. at RS.2000 per sq. ft. for Rs.445.41 lakhs. We have already raised Rs. 232.80 lakhs and the balance funding required is Rs. 212.61 lakhs.  The stage wise funding requirement:
Stage wise Summary 
Stage Amount in INR Remarks
Stage 1 – Ground floor class rooms and Toilets 110.72 lakhs Funding already arranged
Stage 2 – Stair Case, First Floor class rooms and labs, Lift and Ramp for GF and FF 122.08 lakhs
Stage 3 – First Floor class room and toilets 128.98 lakhs Current request
Stage 4 - Staff toilets in GF and FF with connecting corridor and the ramp for the first floor to roof 83.63 lakhs
Grand Total 445.41 lakhs