To win MIT - Solve award !! Need your vote

September 02 2019 11:00 AM.

Dear Donors,
Greetings and Good wishes from Amar Seva Sangam.
We have taken an initiative for submitting our Early Intervention innovation project for an international award to support more number of children to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which supports various such innovations. MIT’s SolveChallenges is a hybrid business incubator and business idea marketplace from this University that advances solutions from tech entrepreneurs to address pressing global issues by connecting innovators with resources such as expertise, human capital, technology, and funding. Solve issues competitions (four challenges each year across its four areas of focus of Economic Prosperity, Health, Learning, and Sustainability) to find potential teams who can have success in such areas. Solve then enables these teams to connect with its global community of private, public, and non-profit leaders to form partnerships.
We are happy to inform you all that we have been shortlisted as one of the top 15 finalists out of the 1400 applicants for our Early Intervention program Childhood Development International Award from MIT’s Solve Challenges 2019. It’s a very prestigious award. We are going to present and for pitch our solution Mobile Village-Based Rehabilitation-Initiative at MIT Solve Challenges Finals in NYC September 22. The finalist will be rewarded with US$.10,000.
Now we need your support to win the award and the fund amount for us from MIT. Therefore, we request you to vote for us in the page. It is the simplest way to show your support for Sangam. Please follow the instructions as below and vote for us:
In order to win $10,000 USD in funding, we need to gather the most votes. Therefore, we need your support and all it takes is a simple click! 
Go to website:  
You can sign in on the top with a Facebook account, Google account or Linkedin account. 
If you don't have that account - Sign Up as a New User and activate your account from your email.  (If it asks to update your profile, click Dismiss) 

Step 1: Click on Challenges on Top Left Corner 
Step 2: Under Early Childhood Development, Click on VOTE FOR SOLUTIONS
Step 3: Find Mobile Village – Based Rehabilitation – Initiative, Click on it
Step 4: Click on the Heart where it states VOTE. 
You can only VOTE once for an email account, we also request you to forward this message to your friends and colleagues that gives one more VOTE for us. 
Looking forward to your continued support for this very important innovative program for the benefit of children with disabilities, as always.