Mumbai Marathon 2020_Individual

October 04 2019 16:46 PM.

Dear Patrons of Amar Seva Sangam,

Only Few days left !!

This year Amar Seva Sangam is raising funds through Mumbai Marathon 2020, in partnership with Unitedway Mumbai. You have been associated with us for many years now which has led to our improved and efficient services to differently abled persons of our country particularly the children who are the future architects of India. Our goal is no children should be left out of schooling and skill development because of disability as education and Vocational training are the key for the Empowerment of persons with disabilities to lead a dignified and successful life. "Disability is only a condition which can be managed and should not become a constraint for their development".

According to the WHO, “If children with development delays are not provided with appropriate early intervention, their difficulties can lead to lifetime consequences, increased poverty and profound exclusion.”  Currently in Tamil Nadu, India, there are 1,02,600 children with disabilities in age 0-6. 85% of children have no access to EI therapy because of a lack of rehab specialists in rural areas and long distance to urban EI centers.
Keeping this in mind, our focus for Mumbai Marathon 2020 is for raising funds to expand our Early Intervention activities to 400 more children in the district of Tirunelveli and the cost of such programme per child is Rs. 3,000 per month. Details more about the project
Our aim is to raise Rs. 1.44 Crores towards the cause and we look forward to your spontaneous response to help a child with disabilities to reach her/his full potential.

  1. Support one child's education cost for one year - Rs. 15,600.00


  2. Support one child's rehabilitation cost for one year - Rs. 20,400.00


  3. Support one child's complete home based care for one year - Rs. 36,000.00



* United way Mumbai will be issuing you the receipts u/s 80G and all your contributions will be acknowledged by us initially by way of a temporary receipt for the transaction.

Yours Faithfully,
S. Sankara Raman,
Hon. Secretary,
Amar Seva Sangam