Amar Seva Fight Against Covid

May 11 2020 07:45 AM.


Introduction – safeguard against COVID 19

At this difficult time of the novel Corona virus attack, everyone of us are involved in one way or the other to mitigate the crisis and reduce its impact on the socio-economic conditions of all of us. Amar Seva Sangam has the twin responsibility of not only protecting the inmates, but also to render effective services to hundreds of Persons with Disabilities (PwD) in this region. As is known, a PwD carries greater risk of the contagion due to his/her low immunity levels and most of them are also dependent on caretakers and other service providers whose help they need, and whose hygiene is also a matter to be adhered to.

Institution based Initiatives against COVID 19

In order to circumvent the risks, Amar Seva Sangam introduced strict protocols to be followed for anyone coming into the campus even to the extent of asking such persons to have a bath and change to sanitized clothes and then allowed inside. We have moved in the families of the essential service personnel such as the caretakers inside our campus so that they all feel secured and feel at home while serving us. Social distancing and other measures as instructed by the authorities are strictly followed inside the Campus. Staff are working on skeletal and rotational basis. So much for the campus based initiatives to safeguard against COVID-19.

Village based Initiatives against COVID 19

As far as village based initiatives are concerned, Amar Seva Sangam identified more than 1600 families of Persons with Disabilities who need the relief materials and basic grains and vegetables. Sangam embarked on the novel idea of utilizing the Field Workers, who are rendered without any work due to the pandemic, who will deliver these items at the door steps of the PwDs. In order to be cost effective, we procure the raw materials from wholesalers and prepare the sanitizers and hand wash conforming to the prescribed standards. The face masks are stitched in our Garment Section. Each family is supplied with 200 ml. sanitizer, 400 ml. hand wash and 10 face masks which will last for 10 days. Our Field Workers in rotation deliver these essential relief materials every 10 days to each of the PwD families. More important initiative undertaken by us is educating the families about protection from Corona virus and to distribute handouts on the same. Our field workers coordinate with the local authorities to ensure that other relief materials and food grains provided by the government are also procured and delivered to the PwD families.

Work done so far

Now 33 Field Workers are engaged in the distribution of the relief materials to cover the 1600 families. The first rotational service by them to the families is underway. So far, we have covered 620 PwD families. The families are very happy and thankful for this service which has come as a boon at a time when they are struggling to meet their regular livelihood expenses during this lockdown time.

Novel application of our mVBR EI app

COVID 19 has also upset our highly successful home therapy sessions rendered to the children with developmental delays i.e., Early Intervention program for children with developmental delays at the doorsteps of the child. This situation would render all our good efforts into vain as the therapies that are required to be continued are compulsorily curtailed, possibly resulting in the child’s slow recovery. To overcome this difficult situation, we again embarked upon applying our mVBR EI app whereby the Field Workers are not required to visit the families of the children but instruct their parents using the app to carry out the therapies under the watch of the Field Workers and the senior therapists sitting either at their homes or in our Campus, as the case may be. This proved to be very effective and the response is also quite positive. This has made the parents’ involvement even more important.


For a service organization like ours, fundraising is always a challenge. This pandemic situation has made even more difficult for the Sangam to meet the additional costs involved in rendering all the above stated services. Activities against COVID 19 have become the utmost priority and so also the fundraising to meet the costs is very vital to allow the delivery system to function uninterrupted and effective.

In the light of the above, Amar Seva Sangam fervently appeals to everyone to generously contribute so that we all join hands to fight this pandemic down and out.


Yours Faithfully,
S. Sankara Raman,
Hon. Secretary,
Amar Seva Sangam