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Kindly read the followings before make the donation:

As per the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) 2010 followings are considered as foreign source of donation:

i. A citizen of foreign country
ii. A society, club or other association formed or registered outside India.
iii. A foreign trust or foundation
iv. A trade union in any foreign country
v. Government of any foreign country and any agency thereof
vi. Any international agency excluding the agencies specified by the Central Government
vii. A foreign company / A corporation incorporated in a foreign country
viii. Multi- national corporation defined in FCRA, 2010​
ix. A Company registered in India and more than half of share capital is held by:
- Government of a foreign country
- Citizens of a foreign country
- Corporations incorporated in a foreign country
- Trusts, societies or other associations formed or registered in a foreign country
- Foreign company.


Are you falling under any of the above category?

No Yes*

*Currently our FCRA renewal is under progress, so foreign donors can not contribute donations to our organization. Once FCRA renewal is done then foreign donors can make the donation. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you wish to donate through direct bank transfer or through UPI QR, kindly Click here for Our Offline Donation details