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Online School Education for Higher Secondary School Students


COVID pandemic has drastically increased the stress on the families of both teachers and children to meet the educational requirements. Due to the extended lockdown and undetermined date on re-opening of schools, the teachers are being put up in a situation to take online classes to complete the syllabus and the students, being put up in rural areas, have the difficulty of using advanced technologies to attend their classes. This project aims to meet the requirements of both the students and teachers by providing adequate necessities for the functioning of digital classes by covering the budget for the essentialities for six months.

Problem statement

COVID pandemic has affected every individual, families and communities in a varying degree. Amar Seva Sangam’s, Siva Saraswathi Vidyalaya (SSV) facilitates education for rural children from different economic and social backgrounds ranging from middle class to below poverty line. Also, most of the teachers who work here come from the surroundings with lack of advanced facilities at home. The major challenges faced by both of them are listed below.

1. Lack of basic Android mobile phones at home for children making them virtually unavailable for online classes.

2. Lack of laptops for teachers to prepare lesson plan, conduct Zoom classes, prepare questions and assign tasks to children and conduct online assessments.

3. Stabilized internet connectivity establishment for both students and teachers.

The above requirements are essential for a long running digital learning experience and seem to be a great challenge for both of them to overcome during the pandemic situation.



The goal of this program is to provide basic necessities to meet the gaps in conducting online classes to both students and teachers to enhance continued learning until normalcy.



- Organize set up of Internet facilities for both students and teachers who do not possess connection by providing portable Wi-Fi’s.

- Provide laptop to Teachers to make the sessions, preparation of lesson plans and conduction of classes and assessment easier.

- Provide Android phones to students who possess basic mobile sets.

- Facilitate regular classes through online methods.




- Conduct grade wise online classes to teach this year’s syllabus.

- Review the everyday homework and provide individual feedback on a regular basic, thus concentrating on every child even better.

- Organize weekly connect with parents through phone to help their children’s improvement.

- Conduct weekly assessment on the portions covered.

- Prepare lesson plan for next day.

- Send out the materials/notes prepared for class through the respective WhatsApp group.

- Collect answer sheets and review assignments.

- Evaluate weekly and monthly assessments and publish results.

- Conduct weekly quiz competition on subjects and general knowledge for students.



- Way for digital learning helps the rural students not only access the school teaching but also other online classes and information which they are not able to access currently. The gaps between haves and have not’s can be reduced. Digital learning leads to reduced usage of papers and usage of raw materials making the program eco-friendly.

- Better connect with every student’s parents than ever before.

- Reduced stress for both students and teachers to concentrate on regular education irrespective of changing situations.

Project details


Duration: 9 Months.

Beneficiary types: 

- 275 students in High school.
- 70 students in higher sec school
- 19 teachers

Total Cost: Rs.39,99,501; Cost per beneficiary: INR 11,593

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