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Leveraging technology to improve development of children with disabilities and empower their caregivers.

This program aims to promote self care independence and education for children with disabilities in the school going age in rural areas. About 8 % children in the school going age has learning problems including 2 % of children with disabilities. Due to lack of support, these children neither attend the school nor progress in education if attending.

Program structure


This is a community based rehabilitation program where the rehabilitation services are given through the trained field worker - community rehab workers (CRW) with the regular guidance from rehab professionals.
At village level, children with disabilities and learning problems are identified by CRWs through referral and school students screening. These children are assessed by professionals with standard rehab assessment scales. Intervention programs are planned along with caregivers and teachers. Caregivers along with other family members are involved in the rehab program and they are gradually trained to work with their children.

Student mentors

We also develop buddy system where the classmates helps the children with disability to learn class subjects. Class teachers will be given guidance to work with each child and monitoring the activities. CRWs by their regular visits guide parents, teachers and buddy students. Children progress is measured periodically and the successive education and therapeutic support are planned.

Implementation and Monitoring


1. 640 children with disabilities are enrolled in the home program in 8 blocks of Tenkasi District in Tamilnadu.

2. 16 CRWs and 8 special educators and 4 physiotherapist are engaged to run this program.

3. Community staff visits are monitored by the GPS enabled mobile app and each child therapeutic program is automatically updated in the system.

Parents Manged Respite Centres

These are day care centres run by parents of children with severe impairment. The goal is to to train children with disabilities in self care, safety, basic education and employable skills. Amar Seva Sangam support these centres by technical support and partially covers the running cost. About 11 centres are located in the 8 blocks.

How can you help?


1. Support one child's Early Intervention cost for one year - INR 24,000

2. Support one child's rehabilitation cost for one year - INR 18,000