Covid 19 Projects

CSR COVID-19 Projects for REVIVE and REBUILD

Even during this Covid 19 Pandemic time our services are continuing. There are more than 250 PwDs staying in Amar Seva Sangam who are given regular therapies and other exercises following safe distance and other measures. However, our regular door-to-door physiotherapy and support to more than 15,000 Persons with Disabilities are slightly hindered due to COVID 19 restrictions. In order to circumvent this, We need your continued support and blessings for all our initiatives.

In this critical time, we need more funds to meet the additional expenses towards fighting the effects of the pandemic. We need to pay the salaries for the staff and meet the administrative costs besides the program costs. Therefore, we request you to extend your generous philanthropic support as you have been doing so far, at this time of crisis. This will help hundreds of Persons with Disabilities in this area.

Our Projects


1. Health, Therapeutic and Livelihood services for Persons with disabilities under Village Based Rehabilitation Development Program

COVID pandemic has increased the stress on the families of children and adults with disabilities. Disturbed routine and lack of therapies are leading to lose of skills that the children already progressing through. Medical and therapeutic support cannot be kept wait for long time.


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2. Residential Programme For Children With Cerebral Palsy And Other Disability During Covid – 19 And Beyond

Corona pandemic introduces innovative, technology based rehab programme for the needy challenged kids. Tele rehab is an effective and accessible platform to enable attention, follow-up, and treatment of children with CP.


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3. Online Education for Primary School Students at rural part of Tamilnadu

Due to long lock down, children in school going age are losing their valuable time for learning and unoccupied. Few schools have started online education. Government also started education through TV channels. Few schools have started online education. Government also started education through TV channels. Only 15 % of the parents are school education completed in the community where we serve and 70 % of the students are lower socio economic back ground where their parents are daily wage earners. Many students require support from school teachers as well as necessary support devices.


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4. Home Based Rehabilitation For Children With Disabilities

This project aims to give therapeutic services for children with disabilities towards their functional development. Services will be delivered mainly through telerehab and minimum contact visits by trained workers in the community.


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