Early Intervention Program


After the useful service of Sangamam – our school meant for special children in the age group of 6 to 16 – for over a decade, it was decided to “Catch them young to rehabilitate fast”. Hence, Early Intervention Centre (EIC) was inaugurated in February 2013 to cater to the needs of Special children in the age group upto 5.

The idea behind EIC is to intervene as early as possible and minimize disability so that the child can reach the highest potential. Research has shown that the period from birth to 6 years are the most critical years for all children, and more so for children with disabilities. Growth and development of a child is at its greatest in the first two to three years. During this phase of cognitive development, foundations of intelligence and behaviour begin to evolve. Additionally, ability of brain to affect structural and functional changes is at its best in this period. If the child misses this opportunity, further learning will be slow and / or inadequate. Early intervention programs work towards quicker inclusion of these children into the mainstream.

The children are given individual attention and undergo sessions on Physio, speech, and occupational therapy. There is a special Sensory integration room where the children are provided sensory integration involving sensory stimulation for hearing, seeing, feeling and tasting. Adaptive equipment such as standers, walkers, posture training chairs and slope climbers are used for successful training. They are trained in daily living activities, behavioral science, self-care, basic reading and writing.  Most children need naps and are also provided with beds.
Once the children are ready to cope up with general curriculum, they are shifted to our Primary school where they continue studies with general students including physically challenged. The teachers are fully apprised of taking care of the needs of the Special children. Our resource teacher also helps them to carry on their basic academics so that there is a smooth transition.

In case they cannot assimilate into the main stream yet, then after the age of 5, they are shifted to Sangamam, our school for special children for the age of 6 to 16.

We have handled 30 Special children so far since inception, out of which 8 have been successfully mainstreamed.