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Current issue- Low awareness of rights/benefits and poor reach of entitlements to rural people with disabilities, impacting their livelihood.

​To address this issue, Amar Seva Sangam(ASSA) commenced the VBRI Development Initiative in the year 2000 to empower persons with disabilities to provide them with the required resources and skills to support themselves and their families independently. They are also given support to gain awareness of their rights and entitlements.


Key achievements over the years



One of our Superstars


​Paramasivam is one of our stars, who resides in Karuvantha. In spite of dwarfism, he is always joyful. With the help of ASSA and a self help group, he previously owned a public telephone booth and made ends meet. But the arrival of mobile phones affected his business and he was forced to shut down. With the help of VBRI development initiative, he started a new business selling home-made soaps to make his livelihood and has even built his own house with financial support from ASSA.

Support us to change their lives

​Three key aspects of support are provided to the person with disability and their family by the VBRI development initiative.

1. Livelihood support- training for self-employment and entrepreneurship (computer skills, electronic good repairs, tailoring, basket weaving, book-binding, soap making etc.)
2. Financial support- microfinance and facilitation of loans; sponsorship; providing income generating assets to them through bank credit and government subsidy.
3. Advocacy Self Help Groups, Community awareness and social inclusion.


How can you help?




1. Sponsor 1 self help group for 1 year


INR 20,000