village based rehabilitation

Village Based Rehabilitation Initiative (VBRI)

Under our VBRI we cater to the needs of nearly 15,000 differently abled persons in 9 blocks of Tirunelveli District. covering nearly 800+ villages with a population of about 17 lakhs.

We involve differently abled persons as well as the community in the rehabilitation process. We work together with our stakeholders to develop a model whereby they own the responsibilities of rehabilitation, economic development, care giving and implement the initiatives of our organization. Through this model, we have helped over 350 vibrant and proactive disabled groups, 7 respite centres and numerous parent associations throughout our surrounding community.

The main objectives of the community based rehabilitation services are:

  • Sensitizing the community, families and differently abled persons about disabilities.
  • Promoting Self Help Groups for development and forming Federations at wider level
  • Networking.
  • Organizing differently abled people into Self Help Groups.
  • Initiating comprehensive rehabilitation measures.
  • Enabling the differently abled to access various Government schemes.
  • Promoting advocacy work and campaigning for the protection of rights and equal opportunities for the differently abled.
  • Strengthening the human resource for the effective implementation of the process.

The entire activity is managed through periodic co-ordination meetings, planning, budgeting and internally developed reporting systems. Key indicators of impact and activity levels are monitored through a system of computerized managerial information. Databases have been created for various rehabilitation programs. Individualized rehabilitation programs are followed up by the central resource personnel of Amar Seva Sangam and course corrections done wherever required.

Our VBRI activities are actively supported by funds received from Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Shri. Kalraman, USA and Sri KamakotiGhatikashram Trust.

Key Activities covered under VBRI are:

  • Rehabilitation at doorstep
  • Self Help Group
  • Advocacy
  • Livelihood assistance
  • Government schemes implementation
  • Aids and Appliances assistance

Pudhu Vazhvu Thittam of Tamil Nadu

We continue to be the Block Disability Facilitating Agency for this project which is run by the Government of Tamilnadu with assistance of  World Bank. This project was promoted with a view to reduce poverty of the very poor, disabled and vulnerable people and tribal communities. The objective of this project inter alia is to reduce rural poverty by focusing on the poorest of the poor through sustainable support for productive activities and investments, using the community-driven development approach.

We were selected as the implementing agency in view of the vast experience gained in the upliftment of  physically challenged and vulnerable people in all walks of life. Three Blocks of Tirunelveli District have been assigned to us and we are applying the cluster approach for successful results.

The beneficiaries of various schemes like participants in assessment camps, issue of National ID cards, old age pension, maintenance grant, seed money, revolving fund, etc. for the year 2013-14 was 9360.