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Online Education for Primary School Students at rural part of Tamilnadu


Siva Saraswathi Vidyalaya Primary School was started in 1981 at ayikudi village with 5 children in a small hut with the motto of educating children from low economic families in rural area. The school got government recognition in the year 1991. From 2006 onwards the school became inclusive for children with disability. Current year 235 children including 27 children with disabilities are studying in our school.

Problem statement

Due to long lock down, children in school going age are losing their valuable time for learning and unoccupied. Few schools have started online education. Government also started education through TV channels. Only 15 % of the parents are school education completed in the community where we serve and 70 % of the students are lower socio economic back ground where their parents are daily wage earners. The major challenges faced are,

1. Lack of necessary equipment to conduct online classes.

2. Lack of devices for students to access the online classes.

Many students require support from school teachers as well as necessary support devices.



The goal of the program is to deliver regular school curriculum through virtual mode by capacity building of parents.



- Capacity building of parents to use technology and facilitate education for their children.

- Teach regular school curriculum to students without interruption.




- Organize online classes to children through zoom app and Whatsapp classes.

- Appropriate special education support for children with special needs.

- Send daily worksheets for class work and home work.

- Check students’ homework and follow up instructions as required.

- Organize quiz on specific subjects and general knowledge.

- Conduct Oral test to students.

- Conduct monthly tests subject wise.

- Conduct class wise parents meeting.



- Way for digital learning helps the rural students not only access the school teaching but also other online classes and information which they are not able to access currently. The gaps between haves and have not’s can be reduced. Digital learning leads to reduced usage of papers and usage of raw materials making the program eco-friendly.

- Better connect with every student’s parents than ever before.

- Appreciating students by giving stars for their excellent works.

Project details


Duration: 9 Months.

Beneficiary types: 
232 students in the rural community.

Total Cost: Rs.30,50,595; Cost per beneficiary: INR 13,150

Project Location: 20 Villages where students and teachers reside in and around Ayikudy, Tenkasi.

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