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    Sponsor a child in Home care (1/3rd) per annum

    50-60 poor and deserving disabled children below 12 years belonging to the nearby areas with in range 100KM are normally admitted in our Home. For their education, medical care, physiotherapy, caliper, food, clothing, hygiene, recreation, etc, it costs the Sangam Rs.1200/- per month per child. We invite sponsors for educational / medical / and other expenses which would be Rs.300/- each per month. Food expenses are taken care of by our Kamadhenu, Sponsor-A-Lunch and Sponsor-A-Day schemes.
    Sponsorship of Maintenance of wheelchairs and Tricycles - (per appliance)
    The appliances like wheelchairs, tricycles play a vital role in changing and shaping the disabled persons’ life and carrier better than before. Regular usage of these appliances will require proper maintenance. Nearly 70 disabled are using wheelchairs and tricycles in our campus. The philanthropic souls may help our wheel chair and tricycle users to get regular maintenance of their appliances by donating through this scheme.
    Endowment schemes
    For our Sponsor-A-Child endowment schemes a one time payment of Rs.50,000 can be made our srividya, Dhanvanthiri and Amudasurabhi schemes for a child's education/medical/and other expenses respectively.