Tele Rehabilitation For Children With Cerebral Palsy And Other Disability During Covid – 19 And Beyond


One of the programs of Amar Seva Sangam is residential service for Children with physical disability. It is a residential program for children with CP and other physical disabilities. Children that need intense therapeutic support and could not access the services in regular basis were given residential support. There are 50 children with CP were staying in the home and getting therapy as well as accessing special education or inclusive education within the ASSA campus. Due to long lock down, children with disabilities have been sent to home and the therapeutic support they were receiving come to stand still.

Problem statement

The social, psychological, economic, and health burden of the COVID-19 pandemic on children with CP and their families is enormous.

1. Increasing spasticity leads to postural abnormalities and loss of functional skills.

2. Lack of routine leads to dependency of children.

3. Unoccupied time and mental stress for children.

4. In addition to economical problem, increased care giving by parents/caregivers.

Immediate intervention is required to prevent further deterioration of skills and mental well being of children with disabilities and their family members. By Tele rehabilitation, we can train parents and family members to give therapies for these children.



To facilitate functional development and educational progress in children with disabilities by capacity building of parents/caregivers during COVID pandemic and beyond.



- Tele counselling of parents to understand their issues during lock down in caring children with disabilities.

- Provide multidisciplinary rehabilitation support for children with disabilities by tele-rehabilitation.

- Psychological counselling to parents and caregivers.

- Train the family members to use tele rehab technology by android mobile.

- Educate parents about caring the children during this pandemic.



- Providing Smart phones to the kids.

- Training program for parents and kids to use Smart phone effectively.

- Tele rehabilitation.

- Monitoring and evaluation.

Project details


Duration: 8 Months.

Beneficiary types: 1. Direct: 50 Children with physical disabilities.
2. Indirect: 50 caregivers.

Total Cost: Rs.3,222,000


Corona pandemic introduces innovative, technology based rehab programme for the needy challenged kids. Tele rehab is an effective and accessible platform to enable attention, follow-up, and treatment of children with CP. With social distancing, tele rehab may become the preferred communication channel between caregivers and patients. Telemedicine is the primary way of providing services for chronic conditions during the pandemic and is expected to expand beyond pre-Coronavirus era use. A multidisciplinary therapeutic presence is more accessible with telemedicine, bringing together various specialties and approaches to the child's natural environment. Enhanced monitoring is crucial for younger children as devastating complications, such as hip dysplasia, could be minimized. Amar Seva Sangam feels that if challenged people are enabled and given a level playing ground, they can be as productive as anybody else in the society. This is a try to rehabilitate, educate the kids on this pandemic period to maintain and improve their skills to contribute to this society.

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