Tele Rehab for Child with CP

Tele Rehabilitation For Children With Cerebral Palsy And Other Disability During Covid – 19 And Beyond

One of the programs of Amar Seva Sangam is residential service for Children with physical disability. It is a residential program for children with CP and other physical disabilities. Children that need intense therapeutic support and could not access the services in regular basis were given residential support. There are 50 children with CP were staying in the home and getting therapy as well as accessing special education or inclusive education within the ASSA campus. Due to long lock down, children with disabilities have been sent to home and the therapeutic support they were receiving come to stand still.

In order to facilitate functional development and educational progress in children with disabilities by capacity building of parents/caregivers during COVID pandemic and beyond the current proposal is submitted.

The objective is to utilize technology to reach out to children to maintain their physical rehabilitation and education under this lockdown conditions. It will also provide counselling and training to family members.

The project period is for the next eight months as a special intervention for Covid and the cost of the intervention is INR 32,22,000/-.

It will serve 50 children and there will be 9120 Tele-Rehab sessions over a period of eight months.


Project Report


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