Livelihood services for Persons with disabilities

Health, Therapeutic and Livelihood services for Persons with disabilities under Village Based Rehabilitation Initiatives Program

Summary of the Project

COVID pandemic has increased the stress on the families of children and adults with disabilities. Disturbed routine and lack of therapies are leading to lose of skills that the children already progressing through. Medical and therapeutic support cannot be kept wait for long time.

Most of adults with disabilities are daily wage earners in the rural areas. Only 30 % of PWD families have gone back to their original job but their income has significantly reduced to 50 %.

This project aims to give therapeutic services, health access and livelihood facilitation for adults with disabilities.

Care will be taken to ensure social distance and wherever it is possible telerehab, online meetings will be organized. Caregivers will be trained to work with persons with disabilities. They will be guided by rehab professionals. This program covers 4000 persons with disabilities and Implemented in 800 villages in Tenkasi Dist, Tamilnadu.

This is an existing program and some additional funds are required the changing scenario due to COVID. Enclosed is the additional budget requested.

The project period is for the next nine months (Sep 2020 to May 2021) as a special intervention for Covid and the cost of the intervention is INR 69.35 lakhs.

It will serve 4000 persons with disabilities for a period of nine months.

Key achievements over the years



One of our Superstars


​Paramasivam is one of our stars, who resides in Karuvantha. In spite of dwarfism, he is always joyful. With the help of ASSA and a self help group, he previously owned a public telephone booth and made ends meet. But the arrival of mobile phones affected his business and he was forced to shut down. With the help of VBRI development initiative, he started a new business selling home-made soaps to make his livelihood and has even built his own house with financial support from ASSA.

Support us to change their lives

​Three key aspects of support are provided to the person with disability and their family by the VBRI development initiative.

1. Livelihood support- training for self-employment and entrepreneurship (computer skills, electronic good repairs, tailoring, basket weaving, book-binding, soap making etc.)
2. Financial support- microfinance and facilitation of loans; sponsorship; providing income generating assets to them through bank credit and government subsidy.
3. Advocacy Self Help Groups, Community awareness and social inclusion.


Project Report


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