Virtual Therapy for special children

Virtual Therapeutic Support for Children with Special Needs

Sangamam Special School is working with children with special needs like Intellectual Disabilities, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Autism spectrum disorder etc. The school is providing all kinds of therapies and special education towards improving physical, functional and adaptive skills towards inclusion in the mainstream society.

By regular support, children with disabilities made lot of progress in their skills. CORONO pandemic has forced us to stop all regular hands on therapy and face to face education services. Children with disabilities are facing hard time in understanding the pandemic, physical distancing and change of routine. Lack of therapies leads to loss of already required skills. Parents/Caregivers of children with disabilities have difficulties in managing children’s behavior and increasing stress on care giving.

The project period is for the next eight months as a special intervention for Covid and the cost of the intervention is INR 22,53,804/- and cost per beneficiary will be INR 41,737.

It will serve 54 children and families of the 54 beneficiaries indirectly, over a period of eight months.

Project Report


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