ProgramActivities/CoursesBeneficiaries 2020-21Beneficiaries 2021-22Beneficiaries 2022-23Beneficiaries Projection - 2023-24Beneficiaries Projection - 2024-25Beneficiaries Projection - 2025-26
Above 6
No of children screened018680100100100
No of children benifited (Incl. those discharged)771428600650700750
No of active children554428550580600600
No of parents empowered188120140160180
No of persons sensitized through awareness programs08251500150015001500
Assistive device283550505050
Early Intervention - TTS2
No of children screened2941179792000020000200020000
No of children benifited (Incl. those discharged)128215801900200021002200
No of active children8769871250140015001600
No of parents empowered175219742500280030003200
No of persons sensitized through awareness programs3473828710000100001000010000
Early Intervention - TTS3
No of children screened6643860553820538204305635880
No of children benifited (Incl. those discharged)186024882617320435243771
No of active children186020192145280030003200
No of parents empowered37201256258
No of persons sensitized through awareness programs74172277434774467745877470774
VBRI DevelopmentNo of SHG Members373527974377461448194894
ComputerNo. of students2165120140150160
TailoringNo. of students231535384345
Hand workNo. of students224457
Type WritingNo. of students3580100125140145
Saradhambal ITINo. of students173240454850
Sangamam VTCNo. of children with special needs202020202020
Other Training Programmes (T&D)Home appliances0025303540
Cell phone servicing11032404860
Gold Appraisal Training0040607080
Two Wheeler Training0020253040
Screen Printing Training01430303030
Note book MakingNo. of persons trained005101520
SSV NurseryNo.of Students128130160190200210
SSV PrimaryNo.of Students224215225232240245
SSV HR.SECNo.of Students327336340345350350
AlagappaNo. of students108198210220235250
Amar instituteDECSE (ID)7913151720
HomeNo of children joined394548525458
Foster careNo of Beneficiaries44555
DYTS HostelNo of students404345444648
SangamamNo of children enrolled605465657070
PACNo of patients192325283032
MTUNo of patients25055080090010001100
RPSNCNo of children enrolled151725252830
OrthoticsNo of Assistive devices350930960101010501100
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