We have registered for undertaking CSR activities and the MCA Registration number is CSR00000229.

CSR helps both improve various aspects of society as well as promote a positive brand image of companies

We established our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Cell in December 2014 to address the mandatory requirement of Corporates to engage in CSR projects in Education, Healthcare and Rural Development. Experienced personnel from Corporate sector drive the activities at this cell.

Our CSR cell aims to aid the social responsibility of corporate sector by providing a framework to support social improvement projects that are sustainable and scalable and to help develop the society within our overall mission.
Main objectives of CSR Cell are:

1. To be a reliable and effective implementation agency for our sustenance and development projects through CSR.
2. To establish and improve processes and procedures within for effective project implementation and governance.
3. To guide corporates for CSR project management on long term partnership.

CSR cell works to

  • Identify existing project and programs for sustainability and scalability.
  • Approach corporates for funding capital expenditure projects for regular campus maintenance and improvement of existing rehabilitation related initiatives.
  • Approach corporates for new initiatives for expansion and diversification in line with our objectives and mission.
  • Realign the existing frame work of programs to meet the changing legislative scenario.

We welcome Corporates to contact our CSR cell to carry out CSR projects.

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