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Amar Seva Sangam is committed to continuous innovations and new techniques for bringing inclusion and equality for children with disabilities and as a part of this we are creating a Rehab Orchard with 175 nos. of different varieties of fruits and 500 nos. of Amla saplings. Orchard as stimulation for intellectually challenged children is one of the most promising sensory technique that is evolving for their development.


The Rehab Orchard is one of its kind which is not just a space for rehabilitation but a transformative initiative for their skill training and livelihood. The flora and fauna develop them with fun and recreation.​

The Rehab Orchard is ideal for yoga, relaxation and retreat for our staff, well-wishers and donors, and a paradise for natural lovers.

The Rehab Orchard will be a gift and our contribution to our future generation for Environmental Conservation and social forestry.

The five-acre fertile land is abundant with water and with a well planned open well and drip irrigation we can get good yield from 3rd year, the income of which will help our Sangam’s main activities.

The Rehab Orchard will be a fitting tribute to our beloved Bharat Ratna Abdul Kalam who inspired with the idea of social forestry way back in 2013 when we met him last.

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Sponsor schemes

You can easily join hands with us by sponsoring to the following schemes

  1. Develop a Sapling – Rs. 800/- (US $10) and/or
  2. Develop 10 CuFt of Land Development – Rs.750/- (US $ 9)
*Foreign donors can do only direct bank transfer
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